Popcorn Ceiling Removal Surrey
Popcorn Ceiling Removal

At Surrey Popcorn Ceiling Removal, Inc., we take pride in our job. Most people consider their work something they go to each and every day, clock in and out, then go home. Not us. We love every minute of serving the city of Surrey.

Most of us live and work here. So the pride we feel is everlasting. We don’t finish a project until our customer is happy.

We can do many things to help in your renovation process. We can repair and install new drywall. It could be part of your renovation project or because of an accident. No matter what, let us help you with your drywall.

Removing an acoustic ceiling is more involved than you think. Our team of professionals can properly remove and dispose of all the materials. Other companies are not well-versed in acoustic ceilings, therefore, they do not understand the proper way of removing them. We also wouldn’t suggest you try this on your own either.

Asbestos is a horrible substance that was used in a lot of buildings in the early 1920s. When it was utilized, it wasn’t known to be so terrible. That was until many men who worked in construction started showing problems with their lungs. At that point, it was determined that asbestos shouldn’t be used in building supplies. Now comes the daunting task of removing all of it from the buildings. That’s where we come in. If your residence or company property has been found to have asbestos, call us — we will come to get rid of it.