Drywall Contractor Surrey
Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Did your teenager just “accidentally” punch a hole in your wall? Did your wife put the ladder in the living room wall when carrying it through the house? At Surrey Popcorn Ceiling Removal, Inc. we understand. Accidents happen and we are here to fix it.

Our team are pros with drywall repairs and installation. When we repair drywall in your home or business, you will never know that a hole was there. We fill in the hole and then retexture. It is so much easier and will look better rather than you doing the job on your own. Sure, it may be cheaper to get the materials from your local hardware store, but if you want it to look nice, then call our team.

In homes and businesses, we can create new rooms or offices just by installing new drywall. In a matter of days, we can transform your environment. What other business can say that?

We have seen many things over the years, so we have the experience to provide our clients in Surrey with the best service. We work with all types of homes during the phase of the new construction. We hang, finish and spray for single-family homes and townhomes. 

Another service we provide with drywall is renovations. We can take out the old stuff in your home and replace it with new drywall that is up to code. You will feel so much better in your new space when we are through.