A stretch ceiling is a system where there are two pieces that come together to create an elegant work of art. There is a track that runs around the outside perimeter of the room and fabric. It doesn’t have to be used just for your ceilings, it can also be a wall covering.

Surrey Popcorn Ceiling Removal, Inc. is a company that will install and remove the stretch ceilings in your home. Adding flair to your living environment is something stretch ceilings complete. 

Looking to install this ceiling system in your home? Call on us today for a free consultation and estimate. We will come out to your home and design a stretch ceiling with you that you can be proud of. 

On the other side, there are homeowners that want to remove an already installed stretch ceiling. Maybe they bought a new home with the system already in place and it’s just not their style. Our team of contractors can come in and remove the structure swiftly. When we are finished, you would never know that it was there.

We have been in business for many years. Specialty ceiling coverings, like the stretch ceiling, have been around for a long time. You can add lighting with the system or other decorative pieces.

Interested in learning more about stretch ceilings? Contact us today. We can help you out with information to help make a decision on whether to install a stretch ceiling or not. We look forward to helping you!